A heart that cries  continue.. 

And she refused.. 

But he didn’t stopped.. 

She was terrified.. And then she realized..  

She ran towards her mom.. 

The angel of her life..  

Then the whole family accused him.. 

Still..  The pain of that heart never died.. 

She has to look his face about daily..  She can’t do anything more..  

The fire of revenge in that strong heart..  Is burning her every night..  Every morning.. 

Kindly suggest ideas to come out of this.. 

Being practical??? 

They were close enough to speak truth infront of each other. 

The man was so strong as to protect her girl and  hide his emotions as well. 

But the girl was so weak on her tears.. 

Her tears roll down the every time he asked her to “be practical”. 

It started with a blossom morning with the two beautiful faces, 

Everything waa so real and lovely.

They were together and the drug of love was running in their veins. 

Suddenly there was a change……..

He swept to another city and was happy with the new environment,  only the girl was paying for the distances. 

They were the same they use to be.. 

But on every little sweet conversation he started pointing 👉  “be practical” 

No words could ever hurt her more then this..  

“Being practical ”

What does it actually mean??

Nature is more beautiful 

It is an early morning

I need an island in the sea,

Away from you away from me,

Beyond the waves beyond the wind,

Beyond the world that we live in,

Under skies of shining stars,

Away from lights and noisy cars,

Above the egos and the stress,

Beyond the world we made a mess.

A place for me a place for you,

An earth that’s green a sky that’s blue,

A place for you a place for me,

An open sky and light blue sea,

With dreams as solid as the ground,

A place like this I think I’ve found.

A happy thought no one can take it,

A place like this is where we make it.

I need a mountain in the sky,

Just beneath where angels fly,

Where snowflakes falling on the ground,

Is the most disruptive sound,

Above the waves above the wind,

Above the world that we live in,

Above my life above the stress,

Where I can lay it all to rest,

Under skies of falling snow,

Just above the world below,

Just above the trees and birds,

A place I can’t describe in words.

An empty place that’s so appealing,

How’d I get this stupid feeling?

Bad ideas come and go,

But none as potent as the snow,

I need no island in the sea,

Just the things that make me me.

I need no mountain in the sky,

Just to laugh try not to cry,

Forget these far off fantasies,

And manifest as realities,

Reach out and grab it in good time,

Seize the moment make it mine,

Catch the moment make it last.

Just be grateful when it’s past.

Sensations as real as the wind,

Try not to be sad when it ends.

A happy thought no one can take it,

A time like this is when we make it.

I need an island in the sea,

And all of that which makes me me.

A heart that cries 

“A little girl with lots of dreams in her eyes suddenly  caught by a demon”

A real life story enclosed in words and phrases.  The demon was his own uncle. Nearly like her father.  All trust was gone. And now  she’s puzzled after that incident..  What should I call him? 

“What do I call him?”

He called me closer..

I went without a refuse..  It was like my father’s touch,  I thought;

And  his love is just profuse, 

When I realized I wondered-

“why I don’t  feel great on his touch ?” 

When my dad make me sit on his laps, 

That’s the safest place I feel, 

Then why this man is making me feel like cry? 

What do I call him?  “A demon”? 

It was not for  a single  day,

Neither twice, 

Nor for a couple of  weeks, 

It went on and on,

For continuous six fortnight. 
The doll was totally crushed

And then she refused…

” What  happened next?”