Our #poor_country

The trending catch line these days- UNINSTALL SNAPCHAT IF YOU’RE A TRUE INDIAN.

  ​It was quite simple for everyone who stood against the community handling about 500m heads, that too on the basis of a single statement. Though the statement is harsh, cruel or may be sentimental still it’s a TRUTH. 

Before entering any contretemps and making foolish decisions,  go through few of  these facts which immaculately describe how RICH the country is we’re living in.

  • I belong to a country where every second person is starving. 

 Oops!  Sorry, the ratio isn’t even 50:50.  India is home to the most number of hungry people in the world. 

  • A country where a girl being raped is an issue, no doubt,  but not as big as a social app.

 I’m asking all of you guys who uninstalled snapchat and are a part of that abusing and illogical Indian community, does any one know that on Feb 23,2016,  an INDIAN women just after few hours of giving birth by C-section,  was raped in a hospital near New Delhi.

 I don’t remember our social media bleeding with trolls, texts or statuses taking a stand for that poor mother.  

Please note-  Here, I’m not calling her poor by her wealth.  I doubt,  you people can take my statement controversially too.  

Also note that of all the rich G20 nations, India has been labelled the worst place to be a woman.

  • About 6522 villages,  crowding nearly 400 million Indians,  are deprived of electricity. 

Few 1000s of people rating an app with a single star won’t make any difference.

 Perhaps taking a milestone step ahead to remove that “poor”  image of our country amongst them by fighting over such crucial issues on,  will surely aid. 

  • We aren’t a poor country.  The money is just dark.  

India ranks fourth in black money outflows with a whopping $51 billion siphoned out of the country per annum between 2004-2013, a US-based think-tank’s report said.  Over 80% of India’s monetary unit is under 15% of Indians, mainly black.  

  • Rules in our country abusing Indian culture itself. 

Numerous international, continental and well polished hotels and restaurants in India have their own dress codes, and they won’t allow you to enter if you follow your Indian culture and walk in wearing dhoti-kurta.  If you want to take your grand pa to one of your favorite restaurants, you’ll first need to convince him to abandon his cultural outfit to enter a place in his own country. 
There are many more unknown and uncovered mortifying facts other than these which need to get attention, at least a lot more than crying on a social app revolt. 

I request you all to act calmly and think bravely.  


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