Sindhi language- I’m proud to speak. 

Holding a complete   socioholic personality,  I completely agree that in the race to exemplify someone,  one’s religion never participates . I belong to a sindhi community and I’m joyously proud to call myself a “SINDHAN”( ‘giggle’ as many of our non sindhi friends describe us with the same). 

If you are also a ‘SINDHAN’ or a ‘SINDHI BHAU’,  there are 101% chances that counting from all your childhood days till this age you are hearing some particular things like this-

* You are always expected to be a papad lover.  (And yes! I eat papad more than anything. ) 

* You are always supposed to be ‘KANJOOS’ (but it’s not with everyone). Kanjoos is not synonymous to Sindhi. 

* A huge family business is like a must to have. Actually business is not the only thing Sindhis are good at!

*Duma Dum Mast Kalandar’ is  the only song we dance to (this is 100% wrong). 

And yes many more. 

But I’m not here to particularly talk about these simple things that many of us already know.  I’m here to knock you  around a very mediocre issue these days among every sindhi family.  We’re blessed with one of the sweetest language in this world,  still we deny to speak or follow our language frequently.  It’s not an issue actually,it’s a shameful spot on our community.  Our grandparents keep asking us to speak sindhi and many of us deny.

Recently I came in contact with a non sindhi guy who grew up with many sindhi families around him. This made him a complete ‘sindhi bhau’ by his actions,  personality, hard work,  etc.  I feel very proud whenever I talk to him and he frequently start speaking sindhi. This is my first  live experience where I see a non sindhi guy promoting sindhi language and speaking it more correctly and frequently than many sindhi fellows  of our age. After this I seriously felt to put  at least  little of my efforts to thank him to remind me of this sensitive moot point of every single person of our community, and also to make me feel that how lucky I am to be a Sindhi and am granted with such a sweet language. 

Come on,  along with me,  lets take an oath to always put our efforts in speaking and promoting our language and make people of our community proud on what we actually are.  

Cherishing him specially-  Harshit Rao 
By- Miss_charu 


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