She must be an angel.. 

I first thought she cheated.. 

I wondered how  could god be this cruel on her- she lost someone who was ready to debilitate himself for her. 

I was a bilk before..

She took a chance to change me from inside and she conquered. 

She has that power in her soul to brunt a beast to switch into  a spirit.  Yes!  She turned jewels out of me . 

“Only angels could do this”

And then I realized..  

She was an angel! 

God’s gift to me she was.  

She came, she did what she was sent  for and left. 

It was all destiny.  She wasn’t meant to be my partner whole life and I don’t blame almighty for this. 

It was all his plan to convert this dumb guy into a gentle man.

I guess she deserved much more than I could ever give her.

And she unknowingly made “me” more deserving too.  

“This was dedicated to a good friend of mine”  



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