Being practical??? 

They were close enough to speak truth infront of each other. 

The man was so strong as to protect her girl and  hide his emotions as well. 

But the girl was so weak on her tears.. 

Her tears roll down the every time he asked her to “be practical”. 

It started with a blossom morning with the two beautiful faces, 

Everything waa so real and lovely.

They were together and the drug of love was running in their veins. 

Suddenly there was a change……..

He swept to another city and was happy with the new environment,  only the girl was paying for the distances. 

They were the same they use to be.. 

But on every little sweet conversation he started pointing 👉  “be practical” 

No words could ever hurt her more then this..  

“Being practical ”

What does it actually mean??


5 thoughts on “Being practical??? 

      1. It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to be same always. A person over the time changes but some of their qualities remain the same. It’s just their way of handling different emotions and things change over the course of time. Thus, it doesn’t mean that the person has changed and therefore, it can be deduced that a person remains same (according to me).
        The meaning of be practical can be many and many of us just have a habit of saying it without actually thinking what it means.

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      2. Thanks a lot Puneet.. 😍 I’ll keep this in my mind.. It really means a lot. Sometimes we think we are the only one who is attached emotionally. But there could be the same fire that side.
        Realized just few minutes before.

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