A heart that cries 

“A little girl with lots of dreams in her eyes suddenly  caught by a demon”

A real life story enclosed in words and phrases.  The demon was his own uncle. Nearly like her father.  All trust was gone. And now  she’s puzzled after that incident..  What should I call him? 

“What do I call him?”

He called me closer..

I went without a refuse..  It was like my father’s touch,  I thought;

And  his love is just profuse, 

When I realized I wondered-

“why I don’t  feel great on his touch ?” 

When my dad make me sit on his laps, 

That’s the safest place I feel, 

Then why this man is making me feel like cry? 

What do I call him?  “A demon”? 

It was not for  a single  day,

Neither twice, 

Nor for a couple of  weeks, 

It went on and on,

For continuous six fortnight. 
The doll was totally crushed

And then she refused…

” What  happened next?” 



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